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Instructions for the WILD CARD

Effect: Eight identical cards all change to match the Wild Card

Set Up: Wild Card consists of nine cards – five regular cards, all the same suit and number, and four double faced cards, One side matching the five regular cards, the other side is different.

To set Wild Card up, separate the regular cards from the double face cards. Pick up two regular cards and place those in your left hand, face up. Place a double face card with the different side up on top of the two regular cards in your left hand. On top of that place one of the regular cards, face up. On top of that place one of the double face cards with the different side up. On top of that place another regular card, face up, then another double face card with the different side up. On top of that another regular card face up and the last of the double face cards, different side up.


Step 1: Holding the cards in your left hand, face up, squared together so that only the top card shows (pic 1), you then turn the left hand over so that back of the cards are now showing (pic 2).






Step 2: With the fingers of your left hand, slide the bottom card back just far enough to grasp the second card with your right hand (pic 3- This is a reference photo only, do not turn your cards into this position while performing the trick!).






Step 3: Pull the second card out, which is a regular card. And set it on the table face down to your right (pic 4 & 5)






Step 4: Square the cards up again and turn the pack face up, slide off the top card face up, and lay it overlapping the face down card to your right (pic 6 & 7).






Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 three times, this will leave you with four pairs in front of you (that your spectators should assume are all the same) and one card in your hand that is different, the Wild Card (pic 8).






Step 6: Slide the Wild Card face up under the first two cards on your right. Flip the entire stack of three cards over. You will now have two matching cards face up and one card face down (pic 9 & 10).






Step 7: Turn the face down card over revealing that it matches the two face up cards. Repeat steps 6 & 7 three more times leaving you with four pairs of all the same card turned face up, plus the Wild Card (pic 11 & 12).






Step 8: Starting with the stack of cards on the far right, gather the cards you have just turned face up into your left hand working from right to left. Square the cards up and place them in your right hand. You can now show the packet on the back, as the back from the regular cards will hide the double face cards.


With proper presentation, no one will suspect the use of double face cards. Practice this routine well before presenting it to an audience. Working in front of a mirror gives you a good idea of what your audience will see.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2017