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Instructions for the: SVENGALI DECK

Inspection: When you first open your deck you will notice that half the cards are all the same card and the other half are all different. If you look a little closer you will notice that all the cards that are the same are slightly shorter than the cards that are all different.

Assembly: First take the half of deck that are all different and shuffle or mix them all up. Now place the two piles face up on a table or in your hands. You are now going to combine the two halves, every other card into one pile/deck. Starting the pile with one of the all the same/shorter cards. When finished you will have a deck of cards that every other card is the same and shorter. On the back of your deck you should have a short card and on the face of your deck you should have a long card. If not all you need to do is move the face card to the back of the deck and you should be set.

The Secret: By riffling through the deck one direction the cards will appear to be all the same, by riffling the other direction they will appear to be all different.

Trick #1: Riffle the deck from the face of the deck to the back of the deck this will show your spectator they are all different. Remove the top card and show it to your spectator, telling them this is a magic card, now place it on the bottom of the deck. Say the magic words and riffle the deck from the back of the deck to the front, showing your spectator that all the cards have now changed to the magic card you had just showed them.

Trick #2: riffle through the deck showing your spectator all the cards are different. Riffle through the deck a second time and have a spectator poke there finger into the deck when they want you to stop. Have them look at the card there finger is on, then have them place it back into the deck where they found it. Square up the deck and give it a magic tap. Turn over the top card showing that there card has magically come to the top of the deck.

Helpful tip: By tapping the deck on a table it will properly align the cards.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2016

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