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Instructions for the: STRIPPER DECK

The secret: This deck has been shaved along the side at a diagonal, making the top slightly narrower then at the bottom.

Trick #1: Have a spectator select and pull out a card from the deck. As they look at their card nonchalantly turn the deck around. Have your spectator return the card back into the deck. It will now be opposite all the other cards. Now if you run your thumb and index finger down the sides of the deck you will feel their card sticking out just a little. You are now able to “strip” it out of the deck anytime you want.

Trick #2: Turn all the Aces opposite all the other cards. You can shuffle the deck if you like, just make sure you shuffle them in the same direction as they are. (Meaning don’t turn them end to end). Whenever you are ready you can “strip: out all four Aces at one time.

Trick #3: Separate all the red and black cards, keeping all the narrow ends at the top. Now shuffle the red and black cards together. Shuffling the narrow ends of the black cards and the narrow ends of the red cards together. Show your spectator that the cards are all mixed up. When you are ready place your thumb and index finger of both hands on opposite ends on the side of the deck. Slightly pull the deck apart. This will separate red and black cards into two piles again.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2016

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