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Instructions for the SPLIT DECK

The secret:

When inspecting your deck you will find the deck has literally been cut in half. Also when fanning each half of the deck you will find that every other card adheres to the card in front of it, as a pair. Each pair will consist of a regular assorted random cards and the cards behind them are all of the same card (the force card). When fanning the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this will keep them in their pairs. Lighter pressure will allow them to separate.


Simple Effect:

Have two spectators help you. Take out half of the split deck and fan them face up showing the faces of that half to be all different. Turn the cards over with the backs showing and fan them out again. Have your first spectator touch or point to a card. Cut the deck at the chosen card and complete the cut, bring their chosen card to the top of the deck (backs still showing). Remove that card (separating it from its pair) and place it on a table or hand it to your spectator. The card that was removed will be one of the force cards. Now repeat the process with your second spectator and the other half of the split deck. You will now have two halves of a card face down on the table or in your spectators hands. When you are ready, reveal the two halves, revealing to your spectators that they have chosen the two halves of the same card.


As a twist you could also have a prediction in an envelope sitting in plain sight. The prediction being of the force card / chosen card.


©Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2016

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