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Instructions of the Short Deck

Secret: These cards are cut slightly shorter than a normal deck.

Basic Effect: Magician is able to simply riffle through a deck of face down cards and stop at a chosen card. Fast, Easy and Simple.

This is a utility deck and is most commonly used with a regular deck of cards.

Set Up: Let’s say you as the magician wants to find the Ace of Spades (force card), fast and easy in a shuffled deck. Simply take a regular deck of cards (Not Included) of the same color back & style. Remove the Ace of Spades (force card) from the normal deck and replace with the slightly shorter one. Shuffle the deck and you are ready to go.

Handling: By simply riffling through the deck you will notice a break of where the shorter card is (force card). This is the place you stop at and cut the deck. Remove the top card (force card) at the cut and it will be the shorter card (force card).

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2018

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