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The greatest effect I have ever seen with a deck of cards! Excellent work!
Mystikal K.


When my order came to me I was so happy, The cards looked like they were done by the United States Playing Card Company, My wife couldn't believe how good they looked. Take Care.
Jeff F.


Merry Christmas, Tracy!
The gaffs arrived today. They are perfect!
Thank you so much.


Hi Tracy,
Thank you very much for the cards. I am super excited to have them.


Just received my shipment from you. Beautiful work, my friend! You have now given me use of the crucial Double Backer card for 10 more decks of cards that previously did not provide one. Excellent. This opens up a lot of doors for new card magic. I will have to take a look through your inventory.
Take care! Please feel free to use this as a review. Or, if you need one, let me know.


I Shop all over for deals for playing cards and card tricks and the quality is really outstanding and for the price, This has been the best place I have found in a long time WAY TO GO HOUSE OF CHUCKLES And you have to check out his work, On the money I can tell he takes pride in his work.
Jeffrey F


I am so glad I found this place, , THE quality is 5 star, I found HOUSE OF CHUCKLES, I Have been looking for someone to make or sell split cards and FINALLY found them CHEERS for HOUSE OF CHUCKLES.
Jeffery F


1I Love the custom work you do with double backers,, I can make card tricks I copy a lot of Paul Gordon tricks and when you use bicycle cards over the ones he sales, It looks a lot more magical when using a bicycle, or Richards Sanders Ace where I had a joker/ and ace on one card. and the jokers are a real bargain at 2.00 a box that is great .
Jeffery F


Great products...great service. I have other items I'll be ordering soon. Thank You...
Dr. Dan


Excellent products and service. Thanks

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