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House of Chuckles - Home of custom made playing cards and card magic, custom printed Bicycle playing cards, card magic tricks, card splitting, card cutting, rough smooth.

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Perfect in every way! Thank you.


Very good Svengali decks…..Quality is top shelf. Keep up the great work!
Patrick Holman
Magician & Mentalist


I am very happy with my gaff deck orders from House of Chuckles. The gaff cards allow me to do a trick I wasn't able to do for year because the gaffs weren't available or too expensive for the quantity that I needed. Now I have plenty and won't have that problem again.
Oliver C.


I'm impressed with the "House of Chuckles" cards! Top quality gaffs and attentive customer service. What more could you ask for?
Tom Ladshaw -


This was the best deal I ever bought, The cards ColorJoker/Ace of Spades I received are so good, I could not ask for better, These cards help me make good card tricks that I fool people with. Tracy is the best one I know to make cards I really like, I am lucky to know him and appreciate his craft.
Jeffrey F.



I already used it on a few people and the reaction I received was very positive it is going in my permanent arsenal.
David P.


The items I have received so far are very nice, I have some on order for April delivery. Very creative.
thank you
John S.


House of Chuckels is my favorite place to go when I need a card made, I love the work done and Tracy is a really good guy to work with when I need something, He always does me right, and I am lucky to know him, The quality is like the brits say spot on.
Jeffrey F.


Hello Houseofchuckles, Great job on the cards, You are the best in this country and I look everywhere well I feel lucky that I know you,I am trying to see what I need next, Take care.


The Queen of Hearts Tilted/Crooked gaff card was exactly what I needed. As always, the product quality shines beyond excellence.  The customer service is above and beyond superb. It is such a pleasure dealing with House of Chuckles and Tracy Kidd. I look forward to making more purchases, perhaps one of the trick decks I’ve been eyeing up.
Keep up the good work, and thanks for everything!
Jeff Atkin


Always fantastic!!


Dear Tracy,
Just a shout out to say I received the jumbo decks today. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for doing a great job and getting them to me so fast. I appreciate the great service.
Roger G.


Hi Tracy,
I just wanted to say thank you for doing a beautiful job on the cards you made for me on order #1155. The cards are gorgeous and exactly what I needed. You had said that you were having an issue with the printing. Please note that there is absolutely no evidence of any issues whatsoever with the cards. They are flawless.
Keep up the awesome work. It is a pleasure doing business with you. There are millions of people in the workforce out there who could benefit greatly by learning from you about customer service, quality of workmanship, and pride.
Jeff Atkin


I am so happy someone referred me to you! Your work is superior quality. Your selection of gaff cards is amazing. The fact that you do custom work is wonderful. Thank you for the outstanding work and service!
Jeff Atkin


Great Quality, Prompt Shipping. Thank You


Nicely made, well crafted. A good item to add to your magic card tricks.
Chester T.


Received the Final Ace and Final(ly) Ace cards today. Beautifully done work! Thank you very much!


You are amazing. Thanks so much for the innovative products. Thank heavens for the internet. Don’t know what I’d do without.
John W.


Hey, I am really pleased with the deck. I bought yours because I was not happy with the Daryl Easton deck. I had to spray the entire deck to re-rough it the day I bought it. Yours is very good!


Five stars!
Reasonable price, great quality and quick delivery!
The Amazing Ricardo
Name: Richard D. Manning


You are the best to me, Your custom work is outstanding Quality shows in your work, CHEERS


Hi Tracy,
I just wanted to say Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!
I received the package and it is Top-Notch!!!
I gave you a little gratuity :-)
You need to advertise much much more!!!
I'll spread the word.
Thank-you... Did I already thank you??? :-)
Keep well.


Hi Tracy,
just to thank you because i've received the cards and they are perfect, Thank you very much!
Andrea B.


When I need a double backer or a gimmick card I always give an e-mail to the house of chuckles and or never let down but when I receive my cards, I have a smile from ear to ear. THANKS HOUSE OF CHUCKLES.
Jeffrey F.


As always, excellent work, fast service and a fair price!


Very happy with the order overall and the Jumbo Short Deck was nicely packaged and a great price! I like your custom work and the general items that you make available. Keep up the good work!!
John Henderson


I’m very happy with my purchase and product quality is excellent. Thank you House if Chuckles !
I’ve completed my gaff collection, thanks to you !
William S.


Very happy with my cards.
Jim C.


hello Magicians, I am writing a review for those out there in the magic world, This Roughing cube is the best I have ever used, I give two to three passes and it works excellent, Cause if Tracy were to sell this in other stores the price would be a lot higher.
Jeffrey F.


As usual, everything was great with the Svengali Deck, Reverse, Bicycle Standard Index.
Very nice deck and a pleasure to use.
Thank you.


Very happy. Blends in perfectly with the red back Bicycle Standard Deck. I've ordered more cards.
Jim C.


excellent, just as I expected, first class service. Thank you !!!!!
I will definitely recommend you to my magician friends.
Magical greetings.


My order arrived and I am very pleased with the items in it and look forward to using them.
The 2 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs, Jack of Spades, Ace of Diamonds - Overlapping - Custom Printed Bicycle Gaff Playing Card you made, came out great.
So much better than the cut-and-paste version I would have made.
Thank you,


Great service. Great company. I've had special Gimmicks made for me and they are perfect. Fast service. Great price .
Eddie H.


I am based in the UK and ordered a number of cards from House of Chuckles - mostly gaff cards they offered on their website, but I also wanted a couple of cards with my own artwork on it. Dealing with them was fast and efficient; I had asked if one of their own gaffs could be altered (I wanted a black and white Joker with card reveal, rather than colour Joker) and this was promptly done; I was shown a proof of that for approval before ordering and the same applied with my own custom-design card. I found the customer service to be quick and efficient; I found the service to be excellent value for money and, considering the cards were despatched from the US to the UK, they arrived much much quicker than expected and I was delighted with the quality. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend House of Chuckles - and I am planning to use them again myself shortly as soon as I get my artwork ready. Extremely satisfied new customer, and I will be returning!


Thanks so much! Excellent company, product, and service
Tiddly Winks


I got your package in the mail.
Today I had a chance to open it and see all the wonderful items inside.
First, let me say that the packaging of the shipment was excellent - nicely done.
I enjoyed checking out all the many fancy and clever cards that you made.
They will really raise my card trick capability and surprise people.
I look forward to using them.
Thank you,


I love it. I can't find the selected (forced) queen so the joker does it for me, via erdnade Houdini color change. The gaff card is well made. Must ship more.


Absolutely fantastic!! This trick is hard to find. Glad to know about house of chuckles for future purchases!


Hi Tracy,
I just received my Jumbo Pop-Eyed Popper Decks! They are Perfect!!!
Thank you so much for these and sending them to me so expeditiously!!


Awesome quality card! Very happy with my purchase!
La Verne Bakkom


It works great. Thank you for a great product. I will buy other products again.
Eric Llewellyn


What an awesome company to deal with.
I just received my order and I really do appreciate it.
I was worried about the cards getting bent however they arrived in perfect condition!
Thanks again so much!
Tiddly Winks
Wa Wa Shriners
John Williams


Once Again, very happy with my order from House of Chuckles. The craftsmanship on gaffed cards is always excellent and the variety of products to choose from is great. Every order is packed well and shipped quickly.
Thanks Tracy!


I used it to prepare a Max Maven MIND’S EYE DECK.
Andrew W.


Fast service, excellent product, packed well, great price an absolute pleasure to do business with.
Don Deich


I ordered two decks and both arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. Will definitely order from you again.


Alway a pleasure to deal with you


I received the cards and they look great. Thanks again, Tracy!
Glad to have you back up and running. I will start thinking about my next custom order!
Stephen L.


The customer experience was fantastic! Easy to order and very quick delivery.
The prices are great as well. I know that making trick decks is time consuming and takes great skill.
The comedy split deck I received was perfect! I will be buying another as a back up.
David F.


I really like both the Crimson Foil and the Cobalt Foil. It gives the classic Bicycle cards a little style. Very nice.
Chris D.


Hello House of Chuckles, I am so happy with the cards The quality is exfoliant made and we need more stores like theys for magic


Hi Tracy, I bought your "Tossed-Out" deck and just watched the video instructions. GREAT JOB! I've long heard of this trick, I think he first mention was of Gazzo doing it in his street shows. Wonderful concept, BEST price on ebay - THANKS again for this and ALL you do for the magic community. Here's wishing you continued success!! -Dave
Dave Eberhart


5 stars! Excellent!
Mike R.


Excellent work. 5 stars.
Mark Y.


I love the new brainwave deck easy to do, there are not a lot of moves you have to remember, and it has a kick they do not see coming, at the end. which is better than the other brain wave.Cause it is easier.
Feffery F.


House of Chuckles, Is the best in my book,Always satisfied with the work I order,Wish they where here in Connecticut.
Feffery F.


Hello, House of Chuckles, Tracy does the best card work I have ever seen in a long time, It is hard to find a person with this skill. I am always happy with the work and am so glad to find him on eBay.
Jeffrey F.


Excellent workmanship and oh so fast turnaround time on the order.
Very impressed and appreciative!!!
Mark T.


HELLO, House of Chuckles, Your reverse Mirage Deck is fumbling safe, I have tried all kinds of brands out there and yours works the best, No hesitating to get at card well done.
Jeffrey F.


House of chuckles is the best in my book, these cards are perfect, Couldn't ask for better, I am doing the Max Mavens trick, and really pleased.
Jeffrey F.


Excellent as usual..Thanks again, looking forward to doing business with you in the near future
Mike K.


I've been getting double face from other magic shops till I tried yours and your cards have the jokers with the fives that are different that I like, and the cards I get from you feel thinner and softer that's why now I only get them from you..
Jeffrey F.


Dear House of Chuckles, this is way better than just a stripper deck, You can fool Magicians who do not know this is a sneaky way of a quick act like your riffling the deck. as your feeling for the cards that are cut.I can hand them out and they never find the end cuts.
Jeffrey F.


​​​​​You are the best Tracy
Andres M.


​​​​​Great service, quickly mailed my order and it’s exactly what I needed. Will definitely use them again.
Chris L.


These are beautifully done (4-Outs Fan Card) and an absolute bargain at the price. And your customer service is PERFECT.
Thank You!
Rick M.


​​​​​Hi Tracy!!!
All perfect like always!!!!
In a few week I’ll buy you again.
Thanks for the autograph


​​​​​Great Job!! Fantastic service and amazing products, thank you!!!
Doni M.


The cards look great! I really like them
Mick V.


Definitely 5 Stars!! The quality of these cards is awesome. I am very happy with my purchase.
Thank you!!
Best regards
La Verne Bakkom


House of Chuckles is my favorite place for all my made gimmick cards, You have all the selections, Anything you need Tracy can make and the quality is charming like from a factory, I am always happy with my orders.


Hello HOUSE OF CHUCKLES, You are my favorite store for card making, I am glad that you do this kind of work, You are really good at it, I hope you grow one day in the biggest store, Keep up the good work , Surly I appreciate.
Take care Jeff


My name is JEFF and there is only one thing I can say about Tracy work, As the British wound say WELL DONE meaning excellent.I only will get work done by him.
Jeff F.


​​​​​Great prices!
Great timely delivery!
I am impressed!
Steve Harmer


This has been the best store for what I want, The work is outstanding and I am always pleased with my orders.You can get custom work done which is great for people into card tricks.
Sincerely Jeff


I have yet to work with the 'book prediction deck' specifically but otherwise, I've been happy with all cards from you folks.
Joe Z.


Hi. I ordered the blank backed jokers. I just wanted to thank you for stocking so many gaffed cards. I don’t know any other dealer that stocks so many. And I know it must be a pain sometimes to fill an order for just a couple of bucks. So, THANKS! Us magicians appreciate it.
Jeff C.


I think everything was exactly as you stated however, I haven't had the opportunity to work with the cards yet. I have plans to be on the road in February for 7-10 days and the quiet nights in various motels are practice time. Thanks.
joe z


I ordered some Jumbo pop eyed deck. Delivered in México in two week. Great quality. Tracy is also really great for the communication, he answered all my doubts and was really. Top service. Beyond my expectations. If you need a special deck do not hesitate, I know I won't. 10/10
Bruno S.


Hello Houseofchuckles, Like always I love the work you do, I wish I was that talented but I am not , I am really happy with everything I ordered , keep up the good work, I appreciate your store.
Jeffrey F.


You did a great job. I got exactly what I wanted and it was received in a couple of days. Very fast response. Thank you again.
Jim O.


Great prompt service. Always most helpful.
And great products.
Doug H.


The greatest effect I have ever seen with a deck of cards! Excellent work!
Mystikal K.


When my order came to me I was so happy, The cards looked like they were done by the United States Playing Card Company, My wife couldn't believe how good they looked. Take Care.
Jeff F.


Merry Christmas, Tracy!
The gaffs arrived today. They are perfect!
Thank you so much.


Hi Tracy,
Thank you very much for the cards. I am super excited to have them.


Just received my shipment from you. Beautiful work, my friend! You have now given me use of the crucial Double Backer card for 10 more decks of cards that previously did not provide one. Excellent. This opens up a lot of doors for new card magic. I will have to take a look through your inventory.
Take care! Please feel free to use this as a review. Or, if you need one, let me know.


I Shop all over for deals for playing cards and card tricks and the quality is really outstanding and for the price, This has been the best place I have found in a long time WAY TO GO HOUSE OF CHUCKLES And you have to check out his work, On the money I can tell he takes pride in his work.
Jeffrey F


I am so glad I found this place, , THE quality is 5 star, I found HOUSE OF CHUCKLES, I Have been looking for someone to make or sell split cards and FINALLY found them CHEERS for HOUSE OF CHUCKLES.
Jeffery F


1I Love the custom work you do with double backers,, I can make card tricks I copy a lot of Paul Gordon tricks and when you use bicycle cards over the ones he sales, It looks a lot more magical when using a bicycle, or Richards Sanders Ace where I had a joker/ and ace on one card. and the jokers are a real bargain at 2.00 a box that is great .
Jeffery F


Great products...great service. I have other items I'll be ordering soon. Thank You...
Dr. Dan


Excellent products and service. Thanks

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