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Red & Blue Card Trick

Effect: Two decks of cards are shown, one red and one blue. Your volunteer selects one. Your volunteer then chooses a number between 1 and 10. The cards are shown to be different. Your volunteer is given one pack to hold. From the other deck a card is chosen; that chosen card is then placed among four other cards and is found to have vanished completely. Your volunteer opens the deck they are holding and counts down the number selected, and finds their chosen card.

Preparation: To perform the trick, you have a pack of red cards containing one blue card which matches the force card of the blue deck. Place that force card in the ninth position from the top.

The blue you will find that the cards adhere to each other, and every other card is the same card (the force card). When fanning the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this well keep them in their pairs. Lighter pressure will allow them to separate.  At the top of the deck you will find four separate cards that are not in pairs.

With both packs in their cases, you are ready to begin.

Presentation: Lay both packs on the table, keeping them in their case. Ask the volunteer to name one card deck, red or blue. Also ask your volunteer to choose a number between 1 and 10 (If the number 1 or 10 is chosen, simply say between 1 and 10). If the number 9 is chosen, do not even open the red deck. Give your volunteer the red deck to hold. If any number other than 9 is chosen, then you must do the following: If, for example, 3 is chosen open the red deck and slowly thumb through the cards, face up, showing them all different. When you are near the bottom, mentally subtract 3 from 9.You then remove the bottom 6 cards, show their backs, and place those 6 cards on the top of the face up deck. The force card is now located in position 3 as named. Everything has been done in the act of showing the deck to be normal. Now replace the deck in the case and give it to your volunteer. Remove the blue deck from the case and show the faces and backs of the cards. Apply extra pressure so the cards will not slip apart. Turn the pack face down and remove the top four cards, placing them aside, and say you will use them moment. Now thumb thru the deck, face down, allowing your volunteer to touch one card. When the card is touched, cut the deck so there chosen card is on top of the pack, slide or pull off the top card handing it to your volunteer. Since the top card of every pair is a force card, you cannot miss. While your volunteer is looking at their card, place the deck aside and pick up the four cards from the table. Spread the four cards and have your volunteer place their chosen card anywhere in the pack. (If they place the card on the bottom, simply cut the pack losing the card in the middle) Close the card fan and square it up. Turn the packet face up, spreading the cards with a little extra pressure, only 4 cards will show. Ask your volunteer if they see their card. When the answer is “no”, have your volunteer open the red deck they have been holding. Ask your volunteer to remember the number selected at the beginning of the trick. Have your volunteer remove the cards from the case and count down from the backs, to the selected number. During this time, place the blue deck out of sight, leaving your volunteer with the regular deck in hand. The chosen card can be found in the correct position.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2013

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