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Instructions for the POP EYED POPPER DECK

The secret: You will find that the cards adhere to each other, and every other card is the same card (the force card). When fanning the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this will keep them in their pairs. Lighter pressure will allow them to separate.

Basic trick: Fan the deck face up showing all the cards different. Turn the deck over and fan the deck again with the back facing up. Have a spectator touch the back of one of the cards. Cut the deck at the card they are touching and bring it to the top of the deck, then remove the top card the one they selected, and hand it to them. Have them take a look at it without showing it to you. Now by mental magic you can reveal their card by telling it to them or you can have it already written on piece of paper as a prediction.

There are many other tricks possible with a little imagination.

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