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Lets talk packaging.

After years of struggling on packaging I have come up with a simple unique vintage style packaging. I have done lots of test marketing and a old style packaging was picked out more then all the other type of packaging out there from other companies. In fact just a plain brown paper wrap with a hand stamp name on it came up number one. Unfortunately I just could not go with that one. Running a close second was the one I have gone with. Very simple design with wood texturing and scroll work. The item name is still stamped on it and I think it makes for a very nice vintage style branding. There are no ads on the packaging sending your customers elsewhere. The back is blank giving you the opportunity to stamp your own company information on it. 

    There is no description on the packaging, but what good is that really? After running a magic shop for over 25 years a description on a deck of magic cards does not sell it. You have to demo it. 

    Well there are my thoughts, I hope you like the packaging as much as I do. 

House of Chuckles packagingHouse of Chuckles packaging