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Instructions for the: One Way Forcing Deck

Inspection: When you inspect your deck you will find that all 52 cards are the same. These are known as the force cards.  

The Secret: Never let your spectators see the faces of your deck.

Basic Trick: 1st prepare a prediction by writing down on a piece of paper the force card. When you are ready to perform the trick bring out the deck of cards. Explain that you are going to have the spectator select a random card. Fan out the cards and have your spectator select one. They will now have the force card. Have the spectator reveal the card. Now tell the spectator that earlier you wrote down a card you thought they would pick out of the deck. Bring out your prediction and reveal that you have predicted the card that was removed.

The one way deck is considered a utility deck and many other tricks are possible limited only to your imagination.

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