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Instructions for the NEW WAVE BRAINWAVE

Secret: When inspecting your deck you will find that the cards adhere to each other as pairs, one with a red back the other blue back. When fanning through the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this will keep them in their pairs. Lighter pressure will allow them to separate.

Simple Effect: The magician spreads the deck face down showing that all the cards have the same colored back. The deck is then spread face up to show that all the cards are different. The spectator is asked to point to any card in the deck. That card is removed from the deck and placed face up on the table. Again the deck is fanned to show all the backs are of same color. Now the single card on the table is turned over to reveal that the spectator has selected the only card in the deck with a different color back.

Presentation: Remove the deck and spread it face down to show the backs of the cards. No need to mention anything about the color, the spectator will already notice this.

Now turn the deck over and spread the cards face up showing they are all different. Have your spectator touch any card of their choice. Mention that they can change their mind if they wish. After a card has been selected, cut the deck to bring their card to the top of the face up deck, remove it from the deck and leave it face up on the table. Now turn the cards face down again and show the cards are all the same color backs. Explain that there is one card in the deck with a different color back and that with mental control you have tried to have the spectator choose that card. Now turn the card over that is the selected card from the spectator and reveal they have chosen the only card in the deck with a different color back.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2017

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