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Instructions for the: Mirage Deck

The secret: This deck is specially cut so that every other card is shorter. All the short card are of the same suit and value. By riffling through the deck, from face to back you will find the deck appears to be normal. By riffling through the deck, from back to face the deck appears to be all the same card. When fanning the deck will also find that short card adheres to the card in front of it, as a pair. When fanning the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this will keep them in their pairs. Lighter pressure will allow them to separate.

Trick #1: With the cards face up, fan the deck to show your spectator they are all different. Fan the deck face down and have a spectator touch the back of one of the cards. Cut the deck at their chosen card bring their card to the top of the deck, still face down. Remove spectators chosen card, (the top card) and show it to your spectator, telling them this is a magic card. Turn the deck over (face up) and place their card on the top. Give the chosen face up card a little magic rub. Now riffle the deck from back to front showing that all the cards have magically changed to the spectator chosen card. Now remove their card from the top of the face up deck and place it on the bottom. With the deck still face up give it another magic rub, and then fan the deck out to show they have changed back to normal again.

Trick #2: With the cards face up, fan the deck to show they are all different. Explain that you are going to have a spectator select a card as you riffle through the deck by poking their finger into the deck. Explain that whatever card their finger lands on will be their selected card. Turn the deck over (faces down) and riffle through the deck having your spectator poke their finger into the deck as you are riffling. Have your Spector remove their card, look at it but not showing you, Have them place it back in the same place it was removed from (somewhere in the middle of the deck). Square of the deck and give it a magical tap. Now turn over the top face down card of the deck to reveal that their card has magically jumped to the top of the deck.

Helpful tip: By tapping the deck on a table it will properly align the cards.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2016

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