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Instructions for the MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY Deck

Secret: These cards are specially treated with roughing fluid. When fanning the deck you will find that the cards adhere to each other in pairs. When fanning the deck keep a little pressure on the cards, this will keep them in there pairs. Less pressure will allow them to separate. 26 of the cards have blank faces and 26 of the cards have blank backs. Every other card has a blank face and the others blank back. All the blank face cards are a little shorter than the blank back cards. By riffling through the deck one direction the deck will appear normal, riffling the other direction the deck will appear all blank.

Trick: Printing the cards.

Hold the deck with a shorter card on top.

Fan the deck with a little pressure you can show that the cards are all blank. While the short card is on top you can also riffle the deck from bottom to top to show they are all blank.

After showing the one side to be all blank turn the deck over so you have a long card on top and fan (do not riffle) out the deck to show it is all blank. Square up the deck again and now say “If I think of a card, I can make it appear: Give the deck a cut, withyour thumb and finger at the longer end of the deck. This will reveal a face card (be careful not to show the bottom of the cut). Complete the cut so that your face card is now on top of the pack. Remove the bottom card of the deck showing only the blank face to your spectators.

Telling them that by rubbing the card box it will print the color of the box.

Rub your card on the card box, then turn the card over showing that you have now printed the back of the card.

Place the card back on the bottom of the deck.

Now you can fan the deck showing only the top face card is printed, then turn the deck over and fan it again showing that only the one back is printed.

Tell your spectators that if you concentrate you can magically make the whole deck appear.

Now riffle the deck from bottom to top showing the deck to be all normal.


Helpful tip: If you tap the deck on a table prior to riffling it, it will help to properly align the cards.


© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2017

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