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Instructions for the MENE-TEKEL DECK

Inspection: When you first open your deck you will notice that the deck is made up of pairs of identical cards. If you look a little closer you will notice that one card of the pair is slightly shorter than the other. The deck is arranged long-short, long-short.
The Secret: By riffling through the deck, you will only see one of the paired cards. This is because the shorter card is skipped and falls as a pair with a longer card.

Effect: This is a fun magic trick that runs quickly and is very flashy.
Riffle through the deck face up showing the audience that all of the cards are different.
Turn the deck face down, riffle again, and ask a spectator to tell you to “Stop”. Cut the deck so their card is on top of the deck and ask the spectator to “Take the top card, but don’t let me see it!” The spectator takes a card, shows it to the audience, and then puts it back anywhere they want in the deck. With the cards face down, riffle through the deck telling the spectator that their card is “walking to the top” or “taking the elevator” to the top.
Ask the spectator to name their card, then lift the top card and magically reveal their card has returned to the top of the deck!
With a little practice you and repeat this two or three times without resetting the deck.
Helpful tip. If you tap the cards on the table all the short cards will drop for a better alignment.
When you are done you will need to reset your deck back into pairs, with the short cards on top.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2017

Printable instructions.

Demo Video

Instructional Video