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Stage Magic 1

Stage Magic Tricks:

Appearing Bamboo Pole - 8 ft - Magic Trick

This 8 foot long bamboo stick appears out of thin air.

Balloon through Head Box

The balloons will replace the head of the spectator.

Balloon to Rabbit Box (Funtime)

The balloon in the box can magically turn into a rabbit.

Kaboom Balloon Box, Magic Trick

The three balloons pop and a rabbit appears in the box.

Kids Show Folding Table (Funtime), Magic TrickKids Show Folding Table (Funtime)

A folding table perfect for kids shows.

Mental Balloon - Italy by Di Fatta, Magic Trick

The remaining balloon matches the magician's prediction.

Needle through Balloon by Funtime, Magic Trick

These needles can penetrate balloons without popping them.

Needle through Balloons - Bag of 144 Clear Balloons, For Magic Trick

144 balloons for needle through balloon. 11" crystal clear balloons.

Needle thru Balloon By Empire - Magic Trick

The needle penetrates the balloon without having it pop.

Obedient Balloon By Funtime - Magic Trick

The selected balloon will magically float away when chosen.

Silk in Balloon - Magic Trick

The silk appears inside the inflated balloon.
Stage Magic 1

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