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Instructions for the 50/50 Forcing Deck:

The Secret: Upon inspection your deck you find that 50% of the cards are different and the other 50% are all the same (the force card).
Set Up: For the most basic of tricks you will need to set up the deck as follows. With the deck face up place the cards that are all the same in your hand with the cards that are all different on top of them.

Basic Card Force: Write down on a piece of paper the force card. You can place this in plain sight in an envelope. This will be used later as your prediction as to the card that the Spectator will have selected. With the cards face up, fan them out, but only fan out the first ½ of the deck. This will appear to your spectators that the cards are all different. Turn the deck over so that the backs are showing and fan the deck out again, but only ½ the deck, and have a spectator select a card from that ½. This will be one of the force cards that are all the same. Have your spectator look at the card and when you are ready present to them the piece of paper with your prediction on it. They will match!

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