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Instructions for the TWO CARD MONTE

Effect: Two cards are show one is face up and one is face down. Magician shows both sides of the cards by turning them over. The Magician then removes one of the face up cards and places it behind their back. The Magician then asks what card is left. The spectator can never get it right.

Secrete: One of the cards is a double face card and the other is a double back card.

Presentation: Present the two cards to your spectator. One will appear to be face up, let’s say the King of Spades and the other will be face down. Now by holding the two cards in your right hand, between your thumb and your index finger, with the face card on top and fanned to your right.









You are now going to turn the cards over to show the other side but as you turn the cards over you are going to do a move called the slide. You are simply going to slide the cards in opposite directions while turning them over.









Remember this is done while turning them over. When you have completed the move it will appear that the other card is different in this case it is the 8 of Hearts.









Now remove the face up card and place it behind your back and ask what card did you place behind your back? In this case they will say the 8 of Hearts. Turn the card over behind your back and bring it saying no it is the King of Spades. Place the card on the top as in the first picture and you can repeat the trick.

With a little practice you can do other variations.

© Tracy Kidd / House of Chuckles 2016

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